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Paris Shenae Drops her single ‘”Step Your Game Up”


Step your game up.. that’s the anthem that is killing the internet right now. Paris goes in on the issues she see today and with her clever lyrics driven by a hot hip hop beat, its hard to deny that she is a force to be paid attention to. She is currently working on her first mix tape that will be release early in the fall, Paris is proving that looks and talent can go hand a hand. Check out her single.

CEO Casanova Williams forming Girl Group call VerGyn

The CEO of Society Entertainment had always wanted to form a Girl Group. He has taken the first step by signing one female to the group which will be called VerGyn. He is currently searching for 2 to 3 more females to be part of the group ages 18-24. This group will be different in the next couple of weeks Society will be putting our weekly Webisode following the search for the next girls in the group. Stay tuned for the new web series and VerGyn’s raise to fame.










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